Stephen Tarling - Sway Parish Councillor
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Although I live in the Civil Parish of Sway I don't live in the village of Sway - I live in the village of Tiptoe at the western edge of the parish of Sway.
Tiptoe Diary:  Tiptoe Summer Fayre Saturday 25th. July 2015 12noon - 4pm on The Tiptoe Green
Tiptoe is a small village of about 500 souls (and probably about as many horses, cats, dogs and deer) with no traffic lights, roundabouts, parking meters or shops. However Tiptoe does have a T junction, a village school (which also serves adjacent villages), a post box, a pub, a couple of halls and religious buildings and a wonderful Village Green.  Tiptoe is split geographically between the civil parishes of Sway and Hordle.  The Hordle Village Design Statement (2015) suggests on page 4, that 235 Tiptoe residents live in Hordle and 249 live in Sway.  The boundary goes through a couple of properties and across The Tiptoe Green!


The view above shows our lane - just one of the roads in Tiptoe, shown here in the evening rush hour one day in winter.


To the north of Tiptoe is the open part of the New Forest (inside the peramulation boundary where animals roam), the eastern boundary is roughly marked by the Avon Water separating Tiptoe from the conurbation of Sway, and at the western edge is Danes Stream and beyond that the metropolis of New Milton, and nobody seems sure where the southern boundary of Sway might be - somewhere half way towards the village of Hordle perhaps.

Being in such an area means we get trespassers vandalising our back garden, leaving a mess and causing dangerous disease - one of the usual suspects is shown on the left - a Roe Doe in our back garden: which means we have deer ticks and lyme disease - it's a dangerous place.  

Tiptoe has an amazingly thriving community "Tiptoe News" a quarterly newsletter - see the latest version linked on the Hordle web site (under Tiptoe), keeps us all informed, and Tiptoe Green is our current gem - villagers got together to raise funds to buy a field and then convert it into our own green space - it was featured as a New Forest Rangers case study and now the Tiptoe Green has its own excellent web site. The original plan has been followed and although most of Tiptoe Green is within the Civil Parish of Hordle, the eastern part is within Sway - as shown on this map (the dotted line labelled Co Const. ED & Ward Bdy marks the boundary between Hordle to the west and Sway to the east).  There are few house numbers in Sway - mostly just house names.

Not far away from the centre of Tiptoe is a wonderful pub: the Plough Inn a 16th. Century coaching inn on the main B3055 serving excellent food; and just past the other end of the Village is the "Wootton and Bashley Working Men's Club" - a small and good value local club.  One of the most famous events in Tiptoe is that local children get a personal delivery from Father Xmas - who comes round the village on Christmas morning in his Tiptoe pony-drawn sleigh.


The New Forest Village of Tiptoe