Sway Parish Council
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Stephen Tarling - Sway Parish Councillor
The amazingly improved official Sway Parish Council web site is at http://www.sway-pc.gov.uk/
This page used to cover details such as agenda, minutes, news and dates of forthcoming meetings which were not previously noted on the Sway Parish Council website, but thanks particularly to Cllr. Marchant all such details are now fully available on the Sway Parish Council website.  See for instance Parish Council Meetings
  • March 2016 update.  We are currently looking to appont a new Parish Clerk - see this page - apllications close at 5pm on Friday 11th. March. In the meantime the Parish Council Office at Jubilee Field Pavilion will usually be open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10.00am to 11:30am and on the first, second and fourth Thursdays of the month (before public meetings) from 6pm to 7pm. The Parish Council Office phone number is 01590 718116, and you can E-mail either directly to the appropriate Parish Councillor, or if you send to clerk@sway-pc.gov.uk your E-mail will be forwarded to the appropriate person.
  • Reports of Sway Parish Council meetings are covered in Sway News: 60p monthly - usually out on the last Saturday of the month (except December) to cover the following month: available at Sway Newsagents, Sway Central Stores, Sway Butcher and Sway Deli.
  • Sway News March 2016 issue includes the results of the S106 funding survey on how to use the money available for "enhancing public open space, sport and recreational facilities"; an advert for the Parish Clerk vacancy; an announcement that Mr. Steve Avery the NFNPA Executive Director (Strategy and Planning) will be at the 10 March public meeting at 7:30pm at Sway Jubilee Pavilion to outline current planning issues within the NFNPA (which includes all Sway) and answer questions.  All Sway residents are particularly welcome.
  • Independent summary of survey results: "Your Parish Council" (MS-Word document) asking Sway residents what their priorities are for Sway Parish Council.